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Common for leathercraft

Inspired by the work of Linael Design, I set out to combine leather and embroidery to make embroidery hoops decorations for my friends.

Those embroidery motifs could also be used to add a touch of originality to your next leather project or to give away as badges that can be sewn on bags or items of clothing.




  • 0.5 mm hole punches
  • Wing divider
  • 2 leather stitching needles
  • Hammer or mallet

Bill of Materials

  • Calfskin or similarly thin and supple leather
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss

Embroidery patterns

The free Feminine One Line Art collection can be downloaded here.

The Animals Polygon Art collection is available for purchase on etsy.


Using the embroidery patterns

Each embroidery pattern is available in 4 different sizes so that you can choose the size that matches the project that you wish to decorate or the dimensions of your embroidery hoop.

To make use of the embroidery pattern, print out the relevant page and roughly cut around the size that fits your needs.

Then tape the piece of paper to your leather to secure it in place before moving on to the next step.

To use the patterns to make embroidery hoops decorations, prepare discs of leather that will fit your hoop’s size with an additional margin so that the outer disc can encircle the piece of leather.

Punching the holes

Use the pattern taped to the leather as a guide to punch all the required holes.

When the holes are punched, place your disc of leather in the embroidery hoops – the tension will make it easier to stitch during the next step.

Embroidering the motif

Use embroidery floss to stitch the motifs.

You can reduce the number of strands used for the smallest sizes. As an indication, here is the number of strands that I used in relation to the size of the motifs:

  • S: 2 strands.
  • M: 3 strands.
  • L: 5 strands.
  • XL: 6 strands.

Final result

I hope you enjoyed following along this tutorial. Please consider posting a photo of your creation in the comments below. It would mean a lot to me to see my little projects out into the world as you make it your own.

Any feedback/question about this tutorial or project idea that you’d like to see posted here is and always will be more than welcome.

Happy crafting!


The following online content provided some assistance and/or inspiration during the making of this project:

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