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  • Succulent plant made with leather

    Time required Complexity Tools & Supplies 5 hours (+36h drying time) Easy Common for leathercraft Spending time in nature is a very important part of my life. I love spending time observing my surroundings and keep being amazed by the beauty and complexity of the many shapes through which life expresses itself and comes into …

  • White lotus flower handmade in leather

    Leather lotus flower

    Free leather-craft tutorial & pattern!
    Start your project today and follow along this tutorial to make this beautiful leather white lotus flower.

  • Tobacco leaf cigarette case

    Make a beautiful tobacco leaf cigarette case with magnetic snap. Tutorial with free pattern included!

  • Aloe Vera incense holder

    Make a beautiful Aloe Vera leaf incense holder. Tutorial with free pattern included!

  • The leather toolroll oiled view from the front witht all the leathercraft tools

    Leather Tool-roll

    A short while ago I was contemplating the fact that I had spent the past 6 month complaining to myself about not being able to find a pair of sandals that suited my needs. So I set off to make my first pair of sandals. They turned out exactly how I wanted them too, and …

  • Watercolors Supply Clutch Bag

    The idea for this project started in order to help a friend try out leather-craft by making a laptop sleeve. I wanted to make a somewhat similar but smaller prototype first to try things in order to provide useful guidance. Around the same time, I had started learning watercolor painting and had been in need …

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