3 recycled paper ideas

Follow along this tutorial to learn how to make your own recycled paper.
Bonus: 3 beautiful and easy decoration ideas that can be made with recycled paper.

Hollow book – Secret compartment

A few days ago I stumbled upon an abandoned house near by. The curious person that I am couldn’t resist such an opportunity to explore. I brought back with me a few treasures: a lottery ticket (after inquiry, a losing […]

Leather Tool-roll

A short while ago I was contemplating the fact that I had spent the past 6 month complaining to myself about not being able to find a pair of sandals that suited my needs. So I set off to make […]

Watercolors Supply Clutch Bag

The idea for this project started in order to help a friend try out leather-craft by making a laptop sleeve. I wanted to make a somewhat similar but smaller prototype first to try things in order to provide useful guidance. […]