Trinity 頸鍊圖案

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(11 則顧客評價)

This design has been optimized to be used with 5oz leather. Were you to use a different leather or O-ring thickness than those used, you would have to adapt the position of the two center holes on both the belt and the collar. They are meant to line up taking into account a specific thickness of leather as well as O-rings.


這是 不是實體產品,它是一組數字文件,包含:

  • 清單照片中展示的項目圖案(PDF、AI、EPS、SVG)。
  • 描述完成專案所需的所有步驟的說明。

此圖案提供 US letter 和 A4 版本,以及 3 種不同的向量檔案格式,以便使其可與雷射切割機(例如(Glowforge、XTool 等))或切割繪圖儀(Cricut)一起使用。


The collar is made to fit neck circumferences from 12 to 15 inches (30 to 38cm). Should you wish to increase the circumference, cut the belt pattern left and right from the two central rivets and add two strips of paper each of them equal to half of your desired additional length.

Trinity Choker Pattern 共有 11 則評價

  1. Dawn

    Really cute design, I enjoyed making it

    圖 #1 來自 Dawn
  2. Brandon

    Good pattern, but when assembling, found out that the holes for the rivets didn’t line up and the belt was to short, so had to make some adjustments

  3. Greg

    Very nice and easy pattern.

  4. 拉爾夫

  5. 祖谷

  6. 韋爾吉亞

    I made a few small changes to this pattern (thickness of leather and size of rings) due to items I had available for use. The chokers I made came out beautifully.

    圖 #1 來自 Vergia
  7. 冬青

    Great instructions, easy to assemble pattern.

    圖 #1 來自 Holly
  8. Natalia Keri

    Love it, as a test piece it came out so much better than I had thought it would.

    圖 #1 來自 Natalia Keri
  9. 鄧肯


  10. 約書亞·里德爾


  11. Rusty Gillman

    The pattern came right away, no wait quick and easy to assemble!


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