Riveted Skull Mask & Sculpture Patterns Pack


Impress your friends for Halloween!

Purchase this pattern and follow along the instructions to make your own skull mask or sculpture with leather.


(3개의 고객 상품평)

This patterns comes in 3 different version: one small version which will make a great spooky decorative sculpture as well as two masks versions, respectively sized for children and adults.

I recommend testing the mask version beforehand with paper to ensure that the size is suited to your needs. You can then use the vector versions of the pattern to scale it the the ideal dimensions if need be.


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  • 목록의 사진(PDF, AI, EPS, SVG)에 표시된 프로젝트 패턴.
  • The instructions describing all the steps required to complete the project.

이 패턴은 (Glowforge, XTool 등) 또는 커팅 플로터(Cricut)와 같은 레이저 절단기에서 사용할 수 있도록 US Letter 및 A4 버전뿐만 아니라 3가지 다른 벡터 파일 형식으로 제공됩니다.




– Sculpture version: 3.5×3.5x5inches (11x11x15cm).
– Mask version – Child size: 6.5×6.5x9inches (16.5×16.5×22.5cm).
– Mask version – Adult size: 8x8x11inches (20x20x27cm).

Riveted Skull Mask & Sculpture Patterns Pack에 대한 3개 리뷰

  1. Arturo

    Very good and easy pattern

  2. Tiffany

    I can’t wait to make this pattern! I always enjoy their patterns!!

  3. GeoEmbroidered

    Great customer service with quick response

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